Erscheinungsdatum 03.05.2012 Letztes Update 22.07.2013
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Erscheinungsdatum 03.05.2012
Letztes Update 22.07.2013
Beobachter 15
Wunschpreis Ø
Preis vorher 8,99 €
Preis aktuell 0,00 €

Stop counting sheep! Mee the Goat takes care of your sleep! Only few clicks every day! Very simple!!

In a few weeks you will be rested and wake up easily in the morning! Really works!

Works perfect on all iOS versions!
Note: With Unlock mee pack YOU get FULL potential of meeSleep!

Mee the Goat, your new personal sleep assistant, is here to help you sleep better in your future, starting from today!

Join numerous satisfied meeSleep users that we have helped around the world!

Be rested, happier and have more energy! Want to know how long you slept? How much sleep you need? Then you definitely must have meeSleep!

meeSleep is a sleep tracker that calculates sleep debt using an unique method based on sleep cycles, helping you recover!

This app is for everyone!

Simple to use: One tap when you go to sleep and one tap when you wake up! Mee takes care of everything else!

Have a full night's sleep or just take a nap; Mee records all your sleeping activity and calculates any sleep debt you may have accordingly, and recommends how to recover.

Mee constantly keeps track of your sleeping habits and displays your sleep statistics for the last 4 weeks. You can edit sleep time manually should you forget to turn meeSleep on.

Customize meeSleep with your sleeping preferences for individualized sleep and recovery advice.

You don't need to keep the phone near you while you sleep and you don't need to charge phone overnight since meeSleep is very light on battery life.

Don't settle for the basics! Release the full potential of meeSleep with a variety of In-App upgrades!

-- Take control over your sleep debt, don't let it control you --

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