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Erscheinungsdatum 07.05.2013
Letztes Update 19.10.2017
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Spot the Difference "Traveling" is far more than just another Spot the difference game. This playful application is designed for kids and will make them travel all around the world, discovering new landscapes, typical ways of clothing, flora and fauna etc ...

Your task is to spot those tricky little differences in one of those two images... If you succeed you will collect country flags and you will be able to travel to a new country.

Thanks to this application your kids can travel around the world without leaving home! They will learn country names and associate them with the corresponding flag while playing!

- Multi-language
- Voices are available in English, French and Spanish
- The game works perfectly on iPad, iPhone and iPod
- No advertising
- No in-app purchase
- All 20 levels available
- No surprises

"The best game of its kind."

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