Erscheinungsdatum 10.12.2011 Letztes Update 31.08.2017
Preis vorher 12,99 € Preis aktuell 7,99 €
Beobachter 18 Wunschpreis Ø 5,49 €
Erscheinungsdatum 10.12.2011
Letztes Update 31.08.2017
Beobachter 18
Wunschpreis Ø 5,49 €
Preis vorher 12,99 €
Preis aktuell 7,99 €

The best remote desktop client for iOS makes its way into the desktop! Connect to all your VNC (Screen Sharing), RDP (Windows Remote Desktop), SSH and Telnet sessions from one app.
Supports audio streaming for OSX and RDP.
Remoter is intuitive and very easy to use!.
Also, support is available at including a user forum.

Feature Highlights:
●A complete solution, no in-app purchases.
●Multiple simultaneous connections
●Completely resigned session selection interface
●RemoterFusion compatible (for connecting and sound streaming)
●Fast VNC protocol 3.8 supported. Compatible with OS X's Screen Sharing, the latest UltraVNC for Windows and Linux VNC servers
●Support for sound/music redirection from OS X and easy setup without port-forwarding / dynamic DNS with RemoterFusion
●Support for RDP (NLA encryption support) including Windows 10, SSH and Telnet, VNC over SSH, RDP over SSH, and arbitrary SSH port tunnels
●SSH supports public-key authentication. Included SSH Key management system to generate, copy to and from clipboard the SSH keys
●Support for recording and running Macros!
●International keyboard support for servers that don't support direct input mode: German, Swiss-German, Russian, French, Danish and Spanish Keyboard mappings.
●UltraVNC MS Login Authentication Support, Server-Side Scaling
●RDP support for Windows
●Wake-on-Lan Support
●Bonjour and NetBIOS computer discovery
●Support for 8bpp, 16bpp and 32bpp color depths
●Fullscreen mode
●Full clipboard synchronization (Paste is universal, but copy requires server support or Remoter Fusion)
●Local Printer redirection (RDP)
●Full clipboard synchronization for RDP
●Directory Sharing redirection (RDP)
●Font Smoothing (RDP)

●64-bit Mac
●OS X 10.9 or higher

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